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Selling Your Business: Planning Financing

It is important before you bring your business to market that you give financing serious consideration. Do you have enough to make the deal happen? Certain businesses will not qualify for an SBA-guaranteed loan, while others, such as service businesses without long-term contracts, have little assets which they can pledge. Businesses like these are likely the correct ones to consider seller financing.

It is an important consideration for a seller to make early considerations concerning which institution should finance the transaction and begin making plans toward that process. You should also begin laying the groundwork with buyers as they begin negotiations with you concerning likely financing sources. This will help negotiations as it will allow a structuring of the buyer’s offer and will lead to the final purchase agreement.

Financing arrangements are essential to bringing your business to market, which is why you need a market professional to help with your transaction. If you are looking to take advantage of the current market conditions to sell your business, contact Broker Matcher today!

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