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Selling a Business: Confidentiality

In previous posts, we have elaborated on the need for business owners desiring to sell to keep the sale confidential. The catastrophic consequences that can result from leaks have been covered extensively in previous entries. Today, we are concerned with strategies on how to keep that confidentiality.

There are many ways, techniques, and systems that if carried out will help protect the Seller’s A very simple one is to ask the Seller how he would like for you to contact/ communicate with him during the marketing of his business. I have found that many sellers would prefer I not call the business during operating hours. After a few calls, from the same individual, employees often get suspicious. And many businesses have caller ID on the phone lines. Often the seller will request to be called at home or on his cell phone.

The Seller may also want written materials mailed to his home address and not the business. Some assistants, as part of their job, routinely check, sort, and sometimes open the mail each day. A letter containing information about the potential sell of the business might be a big surprise and breach in confidentiality. And make sure that the seller’s email address is one that only he can retrieve.

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