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How to Sell Your Own Business

It’s a long-term goal that many business owners set for themselves: after many years of financial success, from building their company from scratch to consistent annual profits, it is finally time to sell the business. This goal prompts a lot of entrepreneurs into the world of running a business: they build a successful legacy, earn enough money through profit to live comfortably, and then eventually they sell the business and retire. This dream, while realistic and attainable, is an extremely difficult task to accomplish, especially if you are an owner attempting to sell a business on your own. In today’s post, we will be focusing on the process and necessary steps that one needs to take if they plan on selling a business to a potential buyer in this current market.

The most important step that any business owner must complete before beginning the rest of the process of selling a business is finding an experienced professional business broker. It’s a common mistake that a lot of business owners make when they decide to sell: they think they can do it on their own, because they were able to run their business by themselves and turned it into a profitable enterprise. So, why should selling their business be any different. Well, it’s different for a lot of reasons. Selling a business is not like a normal business transaction. Very similar to real estate, business brokerage is a unique market that can only be navigated by experienced transactors. They have the knowledge to sort through the potential buyers and help you find the right person with parameters in mind for both the sale of the business and the maintenance of your legacy once the keys are no longer in your hands.

A professional business broker will also have the time to work with your accountant and mangers to gather the necessary information needed to valuate your business and have it ready to go to market. Valuing your business based on its current assets, liabilities, and profit margins is imperative to finding the correct buyer who is willing to purchase your business for its actual worth. The goal for any owner selling a business should be to get the correct price that will yield the desired profit and valuating your business with complete transparency toward the potential buyer is the guaranteed way of ensuring that this will happen.

If you’re a business owner that has decided to begin the process of selling a business, you need to hire the right professional business broker for the job. Contact Broker Matcher today to get this process started!

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