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Business Valuation: An Overview

Businesses must be appraised, and an accurate value must be determined if you are going to bring your business to market for sale. If you are a business owner who seeks to get the best deal possible for your company, you must assess your assets, liabilities, and long-term profitability in order get an exact appraisal.

One of the primary reasons that this is the case is because buyers are looking to profit in the long run from the transaction. A buyer does not want to purchase a business overflowing with debt and liabilities that will negatively affect their current bottom line. They are looking to ADD value to their company as a long-term goal. They will be considering their rate of return, the coverage of acquisition costs, margin trends, and the risks involved with the business’s ability to continue to profit. All of these must be considered by the seller if they want to adequately value their business for presentation during negotiations.

This is why it is imperative that you go over your books as a business owner and properly evaluate the true price and profitability of your company. Contact Broker Matcher today and we can begin the process of accurately gauging the worth of your business.

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