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Selling a business is often an event filled with unforeseen obstacles forbusiness owners.  Selling a company involves both economical and psychological factors. Owners invest lots of hard work branding, nurturing, and growing their business.  Once they have decided to sell, business owners will face many concerns, and an experienced business broker will help the owner address these items with proper planning.

A major concern of a business owner is obtaining the best price possible when selling his or her business.  The asking price is what the owner desires, selling price is what the owner gets, and fair market value is the highest price that a buyer will pay and lowest price an owner will accept.  A professional business broker who knows his industry will help the parties reach that fair market value.

Many buyers are in search of the “fail proof” business– the majority of which are unwilling to make the leap-of-faith necessary to pull the trigger and purchase a company.  Today’s buyers are far more concerned about the financials than in previous times.  They are more educated and expect to buy a company and continue to operate as is with minor adjustments to be made.

All hidden issues should be resolved beforehand, as they will often kill a deal more times than not.  All potential legal, financial, and operational items need to be identified and handled up front.  The financial statements should provide a proper reflection of the true earnings of the company.  An experienced business broker is invaluable in this process.  This professional can also assist with identifying the team members necessary to handle potential problems before they become a problem.

Finally, the seller should be realistic with his or her asking price. One should not begin the negotiation with a ridiculous number that would make a buyer balk.  Sellers think that they can always come down on price.  The fallacy with this thinking is that the buyer merely moves on to other realistically priced companies or never looks at the company in the first place.  The professional business broker can advise owners on what is reasonable or not.

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